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2020 Action Plan

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As adopted by Council March 2016

We strive to be a safe, unique and welcoming community, at the heart of the Saugeen Rivers, providing opportunities for all.

We serve a vibrant, caring community, nestled in nature, and are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and providing services in a sustainable and professional manner.

With input from residents and businesses, the Municipality of West Grey has prepared this Action Plan to identify specific, realistic and meaningful initiatives for this term of Council and beyond. The Action Plan reflects the priorities of the public. It will provide direction to Council and staff, and it encourages community organizations and other governments to help us.

There is never enough time or money - particularly in small municipalities - to do everything that we would all like. Nonetheless, by identifying and tackling the most important priorities, the Municipality can make a difference. This Action Plan represents a balance between what we, and the West Grey community, would hope to see done, and what we expect to be able to achieve.

In 2006, and again in 2011, the West Grey Council adopted strategic plans. They set out the vision that Council wished for the West Grey community, the mission it saw for its government, and the values that it would use to steer the West Grey "ship of state". Those values are in an appendix to this Action Plan.

This Action Plan takes the next step. First, it deals with West Grey's circumstances four or five years later. Second, it is based on a substantial program of community consultation, which included over 20 meetings with community organizations and representatives of businesses and agencies in our community - over 200 people in all. Also, a 30-question survey was mailed to 734 households chosen at random throughout West Grey. 172 households responded, giving us a very good statistical picture of what West Grey residents think about the 30 questions. Details about this community consultation are on the West Grey website.

Finally, this Action Plan goes beyond the previous strategic plan by asking not just what goals the Municipality would like to pursue on behalf of our community, but also what Council believes it can get done over the next four years. It sets priorities.

The Action Plan is always a work in progress. Emergencies or new opportunities may cause the Municipality to re-evaluate what needs to 3 get done and how much can get done. These Action Plan priorities will be reflected in each annual Municipal budget, where we will decide how much of which ones we can bite off each year.

Still, as Yogi Berra said, "If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up somewhere else". This Action Plan tells you - and reminds us - where we are going.


During the fall of 2015, Council of the Municipality of West Grey met several times to hammer out an Action Plan that would serve the Municipality of West Grey until 2020. Council had the invaluable benefit of an enormous amount of thoughtful input from the public and businesses of West Grey, as well as the assistance of our senior staff.

During this process, Council challenged itself collectively to forge not just general goals but specific actions that would effectively pursue those goals. Council also challenged itself to enunciate its priorities. While West Grey’s needs are large, its resources are limited. Everything can't be done, certainly not by 2020. So, Council debated what actions would be most important, most effective and most feasible by 2020.

Out of those discussions, this Action Plan determines three broad goals for attention in the 2015-2020 periods:

1. The long-term financial sustainability of the Municipality
2. The development of the West Grey economy
3. Providing information and communicating with the public

In the Action Plan, a series of strategies have been chosen and under each strategy, Council has distilled a number of specific actions to be undertaken over the next four years. Those specific actions - contained on pages 5-18 of this document - are the meat of the Municipality's 2020 commitment.

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