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Road Conditions

Welcome to Winter!

Snow Plowing Operations

It is the municipality's practice to have all municipal roads plowed at least once every 24 hours if required. Delays will occur during freezing rain conditions, heavy snow fall and poor visibility.

Plow Routes

West Grey is divided into 17 plow routes as there is over 700 km's of roads to maintain. Equipment used is 11 combination snow plow trucks which allows them to sand-salt as well as plow and 6 graders that can also ice blade gravel roads when required. The number of snow plows used at one time may vary; for example, spot sanding may only be required.

Plowing Schedule

During normal winter conditions, snow plow operators start their route at 7:00 am as there is only one operator assigned to each snow plow. Each operator is limited to the number of hours they can plow as per Ministry of Labour Regulations. The 7:00 am start allows the plows to work later in the day if weather conditions deteriorate during the day.

If there is heavy snow fall or slippery conditions (freezing rain), the public works night patrol may call out the operators earlier. The routes are started at approximately 3:00 am weekdays and 4:00 am on weekends.

Weather and road conditions vary widely due to the Municipality's size and geography. Be prepared for a variation in road conditions in West Grey as MTO and Grey County winter maintenance standards are set at a higher level. You are encouraged to check weather conditions and road conditions before venturing out.

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