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West Grey’s Long-Term Care vote protects Rockwood Terrace and maintains Grey Gables

Posted On: Monday, January 28, 2019
In voting to rescind the decision made by the previous County Council to bring Grey Gables beds to Rockwood Terrace, West Grey Mayor Christine Robinson and West Grey Deputy Mayor Tom Hutchinson delivered on the sentiment of the community: protect all of Grey County’s current long-term care beds, meet the mandate to redevelop Rockwood Terrace and find an equitable resolution to meet the increased demand for excellent long-term care in Grey County.

“I voted to achieve a win/win,” said Mayor Robinson. “By rescinding the previous resolution, the current County councillors have - together – achieved three important goals: protect Durham’s 100 beds and proceed with the redevelopment of Rockwood Terrace; keep Grey Gables operating their long-term beds; and advocate for additional beds for Grey County. This new path is essential for Grey County to meet current and future demands for top-quality care.”

As part of the motion at the January 24 County meeting, staff were also directed to apply to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for an additional 90 beds for Grey County.

Mayor Robinson sits on the Long-Term Care Committee of Management and is optimistic that the application to the Ministry for the additional beds will be successful.

“I look forward to continuing the discussion at the management committee to determine an equitable, financially responsible and operationally efficient solution to providing excellent and accessible care for the residents in our care – today and well into the future,” Mayor Robinson said.

Rockwood Terrace, the County’s 100-bed long-term care home in Durham, must be redeveloped to a Class A standard by 2025. In May 2017 the previous County Council voted to combine the beds from Markdale’s Grey Gables with the beds at Rockwood Terrace into a 166-bed home in Durham. An application was submitted to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care but no decision was received.

“The whole matter of long-term care must be managed carefully, and managed well,” said West Grey Deputy Mayor Tom Hutchinson. “I am pleased County Council is moving in this direction and comfortable with the intention to continue operating both facilities.”

It is expected that County Council will ratify the committee decision at the February 14 council meeting, meaning the County will amend the application to the province to continue operating both homes, as well as apply for 90 additional beds.


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