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West Grey advocating for 'proactive' funding at 2019 ROMA Conference

Posted On: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

West Grey advocating for ‘proactive’ funding at 2019 ROMA Conference

WEST GREY, Ontario – West Grey Mayor Christine Robinson will lead the Council delegation at the Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) conference next week to propose a proactive funding model under the Connecting Links program, offered by the Ministry of Transportation.

“Our goal is to highlight to the Ministry the value of providing a funding stream that encourages proactive asset management, rather than merely seeking grants to repair or replace infrastructure assets,” explained Mayor Robinson.  “If the Province added a Maintenance Grant option in the Connecting Links program, in addition to the Capital Projects grants, thousands and thousands of dollars could be leveraged by municipalities striving to prolong the life of important infrastructure rather than face expensive and disruptive replacements.”

Currently, the Connecting Links program only offers funding for specific capital improvement and repair projects.  Maintenance of infrastructure is deemed a municipal responsibility, and under the West Grey proposal of implementing grants for upkeep, municipalities would be well equipped to meet that obligation.

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