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New to Grey: Regional Forum Rural Newcomer Integration

New to Grey: Regional Forum Rural Newcomer Integration Posted On: Tuesday, September 18, 2018
How do we attract newcomers when there’s no place to live? Helping rural communities find solutions to the housing shortages. Limited Seating & Registration required.

At first glance, a 3% unemployment rate seems like a successful number for a thriving community. In reality however, this is not a sign of success. With an aging population, youth outmigration and local business expansions happening right across the region, we worry about where the people we need to fill these positions will come from. Attraction however is only one piece of it; retention is a priority focus. There are hundreds, if not thousands of landed newcomers and urban dwellers who are highly skilled and ready to make their home in rural Ontario.

The Regional Forum on Rural Newcomer Integration provides an opportunity to engage with communities, newcomers, employees and employers through research and dialogue to enhance retention capacity. Before we can attract, we must be ready to retain newcomers in our communities and develop their skills in the workplace.

Founded on an exceptional regional partnership, the Regional Forum will bring together a wide variety of stakeholders (businesses, newcomers, service providers and municipal staff) to share stories, research, projects and insights into newcomer attraction. Some of our partnerships include Huron County, Perth County, Wellington County, Bruce County, Rural Ontario Institute, Four County Labour Market Planning Board, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp.

Though the Forum itself cannot create or retain jobs, it can enable a climate where businesses have access to the quantity and quality human capital they so desperately need. It will also support a diversified and inclusive economy that we can be proud of locally and regionally.

The Regional Forum on Rural Newcomer Integration will be hosted at Blue Mountain Resort - Village Conference Centre on Friday Nov. 30th 2018. The full-day Forum is an employer focused event which supports workforce development to create practical, actionable strategies on newcomer attraction, retention and integration activities.

We have also included a FREE Bonus session the evening prior to the Forum. November 29th – Housing Models to Grow Communities

Limited Seating & Registration required. Visit https://regionalforum2018.eventbrite.ca to register

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