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Bridge Rationalization

West Grey Bridge Study
WSP Canada Inc. is completing a full evaluation of the bridges and culverts in West Grey. This study is being completed in three phases - Bentinck, Glenelg and Normandby – because of the unique features in each area. The reports will be presented individually, but, it is important that any strategies developed will take all of West Grey’s bridges and culverts into consideration.

West Grey Structures:
Including the Neustadt and upper and lower Durham dams, West Grey has a total of 105 bridges and culverts, also referred to as “structures’. The typical lifespan of a structure ranges from 75 to 100 years. Many of the bridges in West Grey were built before 1950, with 36 of those nearing the end of their useful life span.

The former Township of Bentinck has 41 structures: 27 bridges and 14 culverts. Of these:

  • 16 are approaching the end of their life span;
  • 6 others will need replacement or rehabilitation if they are staying open, and
  • future planning for the rehabilitation of 19 more bridges is recommended.

To read the Bentinck report, click here 

Next steps:
The study for Glenelg is underway, followed immediately with the Normandby study. Once complete, those studies will be presented to Council and posted on this website. During the next term of Council, a management plan will be developed to address the priority areas, as defined by the reports and Council.

For more information, please contact
Brent Glasier, CET
Director, Infrastructure & Public Works
519.369.2200 ext. 227

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